Arkema Canada at a glance

Arkema began operating in Canada under the name Pennsalt and operates a world scale hydrogen peroxide manufacturing plant in Bécancour, Quebec.

Our business in Burlington, Ontario

Burlington, Ontario is the location of Arkema Canada Inc. sales office. Its activities here are centered on high performance and specialties products. The majority of these products involve a high degree of technical service.

Arkema Canada has been in Ontario since 1957 - first as Pennsalt, then under the Pennwalt banner and finally in our present form as a subsidiary of Arkema S.A.

Our business in Bécancour, Quebec

In Bécancour, Arkema Canada Inc. operates a world scale hydrogen peroxide plant. The plant operates around the clock, 365 days a year and produces primarily 35%, 50% and 70% hydrogen peroxide solutions. Manufactured through leading-edge technology, these products are used as bleaching or antiseptic agents in a wide variety of industries such as:

  • pulp and paper
  • textile
  • food processing
  • mining
  • metallurgy
  • the environmental sector


The Bécancour plant began operating in 1986 as Oxychem Canada Inc., and, at that time, was owned by Air Liquide S.A. and Elf Atochem S.A. In 1992 the company was renamed Chemprox Chemical Inc.

Key figures for 2017 (note: includes both Becancour and Burlington sites figures)

Number of employees 64
Local economic impact (payroll/utility/property taxes paid annually) ~$8.7 million CAD
Investment in health, environment and safety 750,000 CAD per year in approved capital investments for health, safety, and environmental projects
  • At Becancour, Arkema produces hydrogen peroxide solutions that are pure and generally stable. The company ensures that any innovations applied to its process comply completely with research and development codes.
  • The manufacturing code stipulates that measures must be taken to protect employees, the community and the environment against the potentially harmful effects of its manufacturing activities.
  • The company has developed a health, safety and environmental guide for employees and contractors, with a charter for "Health-Safety-Environment-Quality". Effective prevention measures have been implemented and regular inspections are made.
  • Arkema has implemented measures to ensure that its products are transported as safely as possible and with minimal risk to the public.
  • Compliance with the distribution code is constantly monitored. This means that if a supplier or a distributor fails to respect the code, their services are no longer used.
  • The hazardous waste management code encourages member companies to find ways to reduce, reuse, recycle or recover hazardous products before considering their disposal.
  • Arkema evaluates the causes of all malfunctions in order to establish preventive measures and avoid repetition.
  • Arkema challenges our partners through regular evaluations of their progress.
  • As a member of the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada (CIAC), Arkema is committed to Responsible Care®. This program of initiatives, adopted by all CIAC member companies, seeks to protect the health and safety of employees, as well as the environment and the surrounding communities. Based on three codes of good conduct, Responsible Care® ensures the safe management of chemical products throughout their manufacture, storage, handling and transportation. At Arkema, we view Responsible Care® as a part of our Total Quality Management Pledge.
  • Installation of an electrical outlet for electrical vehicles for our employees and visitors.
Health and safety record
  • The last lost-time accident at the Bécancour plant was June 10, 1990.
  • Recipient of numerous health and safety awards at both community and corporate level
Rewards / certifications for safety, environmental, and quality     
    • Arkema’s Becancour plant is the world's first manufacturer of hydrogen peroxide to be ISO 9002:1994 certified
    • The Becancour facility is certified to ISO 9001:2015 (quality) and  ISO 14001:2015 (environment) and  OSHA 18001:2007 (safety)
    • Becancour is also registered in the Responsible Care® program from the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada
    • Registered with the FDA for manufacturing food grade hydrogen peroxide.