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Burlington, Ontario

Arkema Canada has been in Ontario since 1957 - first as Pennsalt, then under the Pennwalt banner and finally in our present form as a subsidiary of Arkema S.A.

Products distributed and sold across Canada

Arkema Canada Inc. provides Canadian industries many and varied products to satisfy consumers' expectations:

  • Norsocryl® acrylic and methacrylic monomers: gAA, BA, MA, EA, 2EHA, MMA and other specialty monomers
  • thiochemicals: DMDS, DMDS-E, Spotleak® natural gas odorants, Carelflex® service, TGA / 2EHTG / IOTG, MSA / MSC, DMSO, TPS / VPS / SPS, NDM / TDM, TAA, amines
  • refrigerants marketed under Forane® brand
  • organic peroxides distributes under Luperox® brand
  • Durastrength® impact modifiers and Plastistrength® process aids
  • specialty polymers and functional polyolefins: Rilsan® PA 11, Rilsamid® PA 12, Pebax® TPE, Kynar® PDF, KynarFlex® PVDF, Lotader® functional resins, Evatane® EVA, Orgasol® powders, Orevac® functional resins, Orgalloy® PA/PO alloys, Platamid® copolyamides, Lotryl® EMA/EBA et Plexiglas® acrylic resins