Our safe eco-friendly cleaning solutions

Product range

As a manufacturer or formulator of cleaning products, your main aim is to offer innovating products that satisfy the consumer desire and needs.  

Whatever the end market, and beyond always looking for the most effective and universal cleaner at the lowest price, consumers now want "cleaner" cleaners, and expect manufacturers to offer products that are "safe for the user and their children, safe for the Earth and their equipment or furnitures".

The acid cleaners or paint strippers do not derogate to this new rule and we know that, as a responsible manufacturer, you are facing strong challenges for developing highly efficient and sustainable products with a lowest possible environmental impact while meeting ever stringent and binding regulations and certifications.


At Arkema, we do not want you choose between efficiency and safety or the environment. Whether your end customer is a housekeeper, a school or hospital, a brewery or industrial, a professional or a do-it-yourselfer, we have the solutions to meet all these requirements.

Scaleva®, the new generation of environmental friendly acid cleaner

Our Scaleva® Methane sulfonic acid (MSA) grade is the most efficient descaling acid cleaning agent without negative effect on the environment, offering an outstanding combination of properties for use in hard surface cleaning and sanitization, removal of diverse scales (lime, iron…)

Scaleva® is used in multiple sectors such as for example the Industrial acidic Cleaning-In-Place (CIP), the Food and Beverage processing, the Institutional cleaning and sanitization, and home care. 

Scaleva® performances:

  • Strong acidity


  • High solubility of Scaleva® salts


  • Contains no phosphorous & nitrogen


  • Non oxidizing and stable to strong oxidizing and reducing agents


  • Ecolabel certified ingredient


  • Low toxicity


  • Readily biodegradable


  • Low COD & BOD

Your benefits

You will be able to:


  • Develop highly efficient cleaners with shining effect


  • Reduce cleaning time and steps along with treatment cost


  • Formulate safely and easily with various surface active agents or biocides


  • Propose Ecolabel and Food & Beverage compliant formulations


  • Easily handle formulations and effluents disposal

DMSO Evol™, the non-toxic but powerful stripping solvent

Strippers are chemical products designed to remove paint, finishes, and coatings while also cleaning the underlying surface.

Our DMSO Evol Dimethyl sulfoxide grade is a powerful solvent able to dissolve several type of resins and organic compounds. Due to its low toxicity, DMSO Evol™ is a substitute solvent for other toxic polar aprotic solvents such as NMP (N-methyl pyrrolidone), DMF (dimethyl formamide) or DMAc (dimethyl acetamide).

DMSO Evol™ performances:

  • One of the strongest aprotic & apolar solvent


  • Miscible with water and most of common polar organic solvents


  • High flash point


  • High ignition temperature


  • Pleasant odor


  • Excellent toxicity profile


  • Outstanding ecotoxicological results

Your benefits:

You will be able to develop formulations:


  • Versatile and powerful


  • Safe for the end users and the environment


  • NMP, DMF, DMAc free


  • Can be treated in a biological wastewater treatment unit


  • Biodegradable in industrial water treatment unit

Geographic availability



  • Building and construction
  • Consumer goods
  • Food industry and agrochemicals
  • General industry