Products manufactured and managed by Arkema Canada

Arkema Canada Inc. manufactures and distributes a wide range of chemical products for use in a variety of applications.

Our business in Canada

As well as a world scale hydrogen peroxide plant located in Bécancour, Quebec, Arkema Canada Inc. also market a wide range of chemicals manufactured worldwide by the Arkema group. Those products are used in a variety of applications serving a broad cross-section of Canadian industry and consumer needs.

Thiochemical products

Arkema Canada Inc. provides a wide range of sulphur and nitrogen-based chemicals for the following markets:

  • oil and gas
  • plastics and rubber
  • water treatment
  • petrochemical industry


The products enhance the lubricity of oils, act as sulphur solvents in sour gas wells, remove oxygen and carbon dioxide from boiler water, prevent rust and scaling, and odorize natural gas.

Additives for rigid, flexible and cellular PVC

Arkema Canada Inc. offers a wide range of acrylic modifiers and process aids used by vinyl compounders and vinyl resin processors.


They are used for many and varied final products:

  • siding
  • eaves troughs
  • pipes
  • window frames
  • decking
  • etc.

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Meeting needs for organic peroxides

Arkema Canada Inc. offers a wide variety of organic peroxides including initiators for plastic resin manufacturing.


Products are used in manufacturing polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, polyester and polyvinyl chloride.


These resins are used to mold or extrude most of the common household plastic parts we commonly use on a daily basis. 

Refrigerants to meet cooling needs

Arkema's refrigerants, marketed under Forane® brand, are used wherever cooling or freezing mechanisms are required, including appliances, automobiles, construction, food processing, industrial refrigeration and supermarkets.


Arkema also supplies fluorochemical blowing agents and additives for the rigid foam market.

Specialty chemicals

A subsidiary of the Arkema group and a world player in specialty chemicals, CECA is dedicated to its customers' performance.


Siliporite® molecular sieves are inorganic adsorbents. Bead grades are marketed as insulated glass desiccants. Powder or paste grades are used to produce coatings, adhesives and resins. These adsorbents can also be used in the petrochemical sector.

Acrylic monomers

Arkema's acrylic monomers are divided into three product categories:

  • basic acrylic monomers
  • basic methacrylic monomers
  • specialty acrylic monomers


We have strategically located our large bulk storage facilities so that we can provide timely supply to all of your manufacturing sites.

Polymers for all ranges and applications

We offer a wide range of technical and functional polymers. Some of our trade names include Kynar® PVDF, Rilsan® fine powders, Plexiglas® acrylic resinsand more.


High performance polymers, technical excellence, and hands-on service are all high performance standards of Arkema Canada Inc.